Water Coolers & Dispensers for Offices & Homes

Aquacool supplies high-quality water coolers and dispensers to keep you fully hydrated with a fresh supply of filtered and purified water. Choose the perfect bottled water dispenser unit for your environment and for your budget.

Aquacool offers a range of drinking water solutions for the home and office. Choose from water coolers, hot water dispensers and drinking water fountains for your office, so that you and your staff can enjoy instant access to clear mineral water whenever required. Water coolers require more room than water fountains, so if space is an issue then have a look at our water fountain drinking water dispensers.

You can also choose to rent water coolers for offices from us so that once installed, your staff can be kept fully hydrated at all times. We also have office water coolers that feature contactless dispensation (via a foot pedal), along with hot water and cold water dispensers. Hot and cold water dispensers require a regular bottled supply of water, which can require a lot of storage space. We can arrange delivery of water bottles for you, so you know you always have water for when you need it.

Mains-fed countertop water dispensers do not require water bottles and as such, require less space. For offices with spatial constraints, we have budget-friendly options for you, including the option to rent a water fountain. Once installed an office water fountain requires virtually no maintenance or ongoing costs.

Aquacool have a range of drinking water dispensers solutions for your home, including home water coolers for all your family’s hydration requirements. With a water cooler installed directly in the home, you can enjoy your cold water dispenser for years to come.

We provide a full range of accessories including cups – both plastic and paper cones, cup holders, bottle racks and much, much more. See our full range in our products section.

Whichever of our products that you choose can be installed by our experts quickly, usually within days, ready to give you great-tasting water straight away.

For a limitless supply of chilled water in your home, contact Aquacool today.