The cleanest, freshest air available to you all year round with absolutely no upfront costs  courtesy of our refreshingly unique rental options.

Whether it’s a portable home air purifier that you’re looking for or if you’re a business – in any sector – looking to provide both clean air and a safer environment for your office or workspace, with Aquacool you are able to rent an air purification unit and have your unit(s) dispatched for next day delivery, all whilst paying costs as low as just £1/day!


With our rental plans, you are guaranteed not only the very latest designs and technology in air purification, but because we replace your air purification unit at the end of each rental term, we ensure that you are constantly able to enjoy the safest and the most clean air in your workplace.

  • Fully Inclusive plans with someone available for everybody
  • Free Delivery & Expert Installation
  • Filter Replacements & Sanitation Visits fully inclusive
  • Breakdown cover & replacement parts
  • Unlimited Callouts for your peace of mine
  • Option to upgrade at the end of your service agreement
  • Flexible rental terms available with just one regular payment to help you budget financially
  • Option to upgrade your system throughout rental term
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If it’s a short term, flexible solution that you’re after, we have various different short term hire plans available all with delivery available to you that can be as quick as the next working day.

  • National Next Day Delivery available
  • Weekly hire rental plans that include installation from our expert technicians
  • Flexible terms varied to suit you – plans from one day to 6 month periods
  • Option to extend your hire after the initial agreed period
  • Plans that include servicing and call outs for the duration of your hire
  • We provide air purification systems for all industries from hospitality events to medical clinics, interior refurbishments and office space.

If you’re after for a flexible short-term solution, we have various short term air purifier hire plans available with delivery as quick as the next working day.

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At Air Care Solutions, you can rent anything from one air purifier to hundreds of units, depending on your individual needs, depending on both the size of your organisation and what is most beneficial to you.

If you’d prefer to purchase your purifiers outright, you will be the owner of your units straight away and we have available monthly maintenance and service packages to help you to ensure full and proper maintenance of your new purifiers, however, there are huge advantages of renting your systems

We have a healthy list of happy customers and have proof that our all of our units come independently tested and certified, but we understand that some people feel more comfortable in the knowledge that they can test out the products before committing to a purchase or long-term leasing plan. This is entirely understandable, and one of the reasons that we offer both short and long term hire options, so you can experience and be entirely assured of the efficiency and benefit clean, filtered air brings to your environment.

In every company, cashflow is crucial. We all know that a healthy cashflow is what keeps your business running efficiently and by opting for air purifier rental instead of purchasing your purifier outright, you will reap the benefits of cleaner air without it greatly affecting next month’s finances

Whilst it’s repeatedly proven that air purifiers are hugely beneficial to many businesses, there are various occasions where purchasing a purifier outright may not be the most sensible option for you. If you operate large scale events and therefore your requirements are on an adhoc basis, or if your business isn’t fully operational all year round. Whatever your circumstances, we can ensure our plans are specific to your needs so that you can easily scale or reduce the volume that you require as needed, all at just one low monthly cost to you.

A huge benefit of renting an air purifier is that you can remove any stress associated with maintenance such as replacement filters, or in the unlikely event of a system breakdown. All of our rental plans provide comprehensive cover and our four offices located around the UK means that we have nationwide coverage so therefore we can offer you next day delivery and also the promise that our service engineers are always on hand, should one ever be required.

The use of air purifiers has been rapidly increasing over the years, with a noticeable increase in demand for such products accelerating quickly as the country started to return to work and consider their air quality after the pandemic.

Companies across various sectors now recognise what a great importance it is to provide both cleaner air and a safer environment for customers and employees alike. Filtered air is proven not only to protect you and your company from airborne viruses but has also been also proven to improve workplace productivity.

Removing up to 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria, Ruhens air purifiers also eliminate dust, odours, pollen, smoke, mould spores and pet dander from the air.  Using the latest innovative technology in air purification, our multi-stage filtration system is able to not only trap these harmful toxins and particles, but able to kill them too. All of our air purifiers show real time colour display of your air quality, giving you full confidence that the air you are breathing is as clean as possible.

Our Service

Air Care Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of medical grade air purifiers. Suitable for commercial and home use, our range is available to purchase outright or rent. All our products come with a money back guarantee and added peace of mind through our service and maintenance plans.

Rapid Delivery

Your enquiry will be processed immediately and is dispatched rapidly so that you can reap the benefits of cleaner air the next working day.

Nationwide coverage

Unlike many of our competitors, we have 4 offices strategically located across the UK, so you will always find premises within easy reach and a team of support engineers available to service you, regardless of your whereabouts.

Maintenance included as standard

Fully inclusive packages ensure filters are replaced free of charge as required.

24/7 Breakdown response

We have service engineers on hand 24/7 who can visit your premises in the unlikely event that there is an issue.

30-day money-back guarantee

We are confident that you will love our products and the peace of mind it brings, so much so, that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the air purifications system to us free of charge.

Full training on delivery of your equipment

Our friendly team of engineers will provide you with training on how to use each purification system upon delivery so you are confident the air your breath is clean.





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