Bottled Water Coolers & Dispensers

There’s overwhelming evidence of benefits of hydration and that having bottled water coolers for the office boost employee wellbeing and performance.

Bottled office water dispensers ensure that there is always a source of readily available, great-tasting cool water, to ensure staff are fully hydrated at all times.

Aquacool’s range of Bottled Water Coolers and dispensers are a huge upgrade for any office and they are a great eco-friendly addition as sustainable bottled water coolers can be reused many, many times. Modern bottled water machines consume less energy too, adding further to their environmental benefits, as well as helping to reduce operational costs by lowering energy bills.

For any business that’s seeking a rapid, hassle-free option, we also offer renting services too, so you can have a water dispenser in your office in no time at all! With an all inclusive cost that includes expert installation you can benefit from knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying upfront and you and your staff can be enjoying cooled and filtered water whenever you need it.

Amongst our range of performance bottled water coolers, our contactless classic bottled cooler offers fantastic performance at an affordable cost. With contactless operation it’s the perfect water cooler for an office in today’s post-pandemic world as the foot pedal eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria from touching surfaces. It’s an affordable, safe solution for any public space.

We can fully tailor our services and products to suit your specific needs. Our professional bottled water dispenser team will install your dispenser wherever you wish and we’ll also take care of any regular maintenance, filter changes, bottle transfers, as well as keeping it clean and hygienic for you.

Contact us today for all of your hydration needs, our service is second to none!

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