Counter Top Water Coolers & Dispensers

Stuck for space? Our Aquacool countertop water cooler is a great choice for all populated environments – from the boardroom to the gymnasium, you can be fully assured that everyone is hydrated.

It’s compact size and stylish with a contemporary design to make it a highly desirable product that will integrate perfectly into all environments. The Aquacool countertop water cooler unit is ideal for offices with low to moderate staff levels, and the compact design means it will fit virtually any space, including the home.

The contactless feature of our counter top water cooler units makes it very safe to use in a post-pandemic world. Some models in our contactless range also feature an infrared sensor which eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria on touch panels, along with leak detection technology. This makes it an ideal choice in busy offices and homes, where you don’t want to have to continually monitor your water cooler, whilst at the same time saving precious resources.

Counter Top Water Coolers can be either Mains-Fed or Bottle Water Coolers depending on the location that you want to install them, or simply the availability of your mains water supply, and also offers you the option for boiling hot and/or chilled water.

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